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We’ve always wondered what result would be obtained from crossing the commercial hybrid with the higher powered landrace. Conclusion? -Power.

Maliglue is an original F1 hybrid from the cross of a selected mother of Gorilla Glue S1 and 5th generation Malawi Gold fathers.

If you are looking for large numbers of potent blooms of vigorous specimens, look no further. This not only produces large and dense buds covered in resin, but also has a strong spicy and fresh aroma with hints of fruit, depending on the phenotype selected.

Maliglue is easy to grow, has good vigor and is ideal for growers looking for a low maintenance line. As for flowering, we will have to wait an average of 11 to 12 weeks indoors, and until the end of October outdoors.

Note: Being an F1 variety of great vigor, it is recommended to limit growth if it is grown indoors or we run the risk that the specimens occupy the entire growing space in less time than expected.

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For more information


  • Genetics: (Malawi Gold P5 x ​​Gorilla Glue S1) F1
  • Format: regular
  • Type: Polyhybrid F1
  • Structure: Christmas tree
  • Aroma: spicy / hoppy / fresh
  • Indoor flowering: 11 to 12 weeks
  • Flowering outdoor: end of October
  • Yield: high
  • THC: high – very high
  • Indica / Sativa: 50% – 50%


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