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Our sixth generation Malawi Gold was born from the union of two Malawi Gold lines, which after several years of work we have adapted to the European climate.

 It is a variety that reminds us of a Christmas tree with a clearly sativa taxonomy, with medium-long internodal distance, large plants and fine leaflets with flowery tops of semi-dense to dense structure with one of the most heady effects that we have tested.

Malawi Gold blooms from 12 to 14 weeks indoors and can be harvested from early to mid-November outdoors, where it shows all its potential and resistance to diseases and fungi.

Note: Variety suitable for breeding projects

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  • Genetics: Landrace Malawi Gold P6
  • Format: Regular
  • Type: Pure Variety
  • Structure: Sativa / Christmas Tree
  • Aroma: Incense / Woods / Moist Earth Indoor
  • Flowering: 12 to 14 Weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: First 15 Days of November
  • Yield: High
  • THC: High – Very High
  • Indica / Sativa: Sativa


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