AKA Silver Leaf We rescued this variety from an old Reeferman seed pack. According to the breeder of origin, this Southeast Asian sativa grows like the Cambodian varieties rather than the Thai ones, with broad leaves that grow from this bushy plants. The seeds were originally delivered by a Vietnamese friend of the breeder who wanted to showcase the best that Vietnam had to offer. Vietnamese MindFuck grows with the classic medium-long internode sativa structure but with a wider leaf than its tropical sisters, so we suspect that its origin is in the northern areas of the country. We found two main phenotypes, the first grows with the classic sativa structure, the second is more shrubby, with a more compact and branched taxonomy. This landrace variety will reward us, after 12-14 weeks indoors or in the middle of November outdoors, with semi-compact buds loaded with an exceptionally aromatic resin. It has been successfully cultivated at 40º north. However, we recommend being attentive to the appearance of fungi given the thickness of the flowers added to the harvest time. Note: Variety suitable for breeding projects.