Tajikistan Hashplant, is a landrace variety with origins in the traditional hashish extraction villages in the Pamir mountain range of Tajikistan where it has acquired great resistance to inclement weather. As with the Uzbekistan line, our first efforts were focused on eliminating the hermaphrodite characters so common in landrace populations, although the possibility of finding a "banana" if grown indoors is not completely ruled out. This landrace has similar characteristics to other traditionally cultivated hashplants such as Moroccan, Lebanese, or Turkish varieties, with the difference of the strech, which is slightly higher. Most of the specimens are homogeneous with a mostly indica taxonomy and short flowering, with aromas reminiscent of old school hashish adding hints of incense. This landrace will provide us with harvests of the highest quality after eight to nine weeks of flowering indoors and, at the latest, in early October outdoors. As a traditionally grown hashplant, it is a good option to use it for extractions, concentrates or breeding projects. Note: - Variety suitable for breeding projects / Indicated for the production or extraction of concentrates.