We are proud to introduce the first ABC mutation hybrid to the market. It’s a cross between our old Gorilla Glue S1 mother and the Australian Bastard Cannabis F20. Monster Hunter seeds produce vigorous and highly branched plants, of medium to tall height, with a medium to very large production, depending on the selected phenotype, and a high production of trichomes with very vivid aromas of fruit, turpentine and especially hops. In this version, we have made an effort to stabilize the foliar morphology of the Australian Bastard Cannabis with a result of 93% of specimens displaying this mutation. Monster Hunter stands out, in addition to its size and production, for being the most discreet in the garden, both for its morphology and for the reduced aroma of the plants. It should be noted that a few phenotypes do stand out for their smell, so from time to time a specimen with a remarkable smell can aromatize the entire garden, although it is rare. Outdoors, flowering times are from 8 to 10 weeks, with flowering beginning between July and August, and being ready for harvest between the end of September and mid-October. The commercial version of Australian Bastard Cannabis that you cannot miss. Note: Monster Hunter seeds are hard and have a hard husk which prevents the water absorbing process, but don't despair. If after a week they do not germinate, we recommend “cracking” them to facilitate germination (advice for those countries where law allows their germination).